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3456 Drybrook Road, Falconer, New York

Certified Organic Dairy Farm - NOFA - New York

Machinery Building/Shop

Amish built in 2011.

Overall size 40'x 80' with 40'x 40' insulated shop.

Also includes gas heater, wood stove, bathroom,

tool room, storage bins, storage deck, 65' bench space.


  • Machine Shop from Front Machine Shop from Front Shown in winter with the door (18' high - 20' wide roll-up door) closed. The shop is a comfortable place to work in the cold weather.
  • From Right Side From Right Side view as seen from the driveway that goes behind the original old barn.
  • Building Back with Overhang Section Building Back with Overhang Section Open sided -overhang area has proved to be useful for storing hay, lumber, and parking vehicles.
  • Back of the Machine Shop Back of the Machine Shop Although this was taken before the building was complete, we thought we should include this to show the large capacity of this area.
  • Door Between Front and Back Sections Door Between Front and Back Sections Having a door to separate the front and back sections helps for keeping the warmth in the heated front area.
  • Shop Woodstove Shop Woodstove Energy Max self circulating wood stove
  • Heater Heater Cumberland Radient Tube Heater - Natureal Gas
  • Deck and Storage Bins Deck and Storage Bins This photo was taken from the deck which provides additional starage space and shows the storage bins we used to keep parts for the various equipment separate.
  • Work Bench Work Bench The 65' of work bench space provides ample room for multiple projects.
















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