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3456 Drybrook Road, Falconer, New York

Certified Organic Dairy Farm - NOFA - New York

History of the Kimball Family Farm

Established in 1847




In 1847 Ira Kimball built a log cabin on Drybrook Creek located on 195 acres of land he owned. Ira made pine shingles and sold or bartered them. Ira, with his son Ezra, developed a stump pulling business along with the farm. Ezra married Jenny Debell. Ezra's son Ira Burnett Kimball constructed a 50 cow stanchion barn in the 1930s. I.B. married Irene Schemerhorn. In 1964 I.B.'s son Stanley built one of the first milking parlors and freestall barns in the area. He married Marikay Hauffe. Stanley with his son Steve expanded the barn and built a new double 10 parallel parlor in 1990. We currently milk over 300 cows and have a similar number of young stock. We own 922 acres of and farm an additional 125 acres.


In 2004 Steve decided to convert Kimvale Farm to an all organic facility. There were no other local organic producers at the time.  Now there are at least a half dozen organic milk producers locally and several other producers of other organic goods.  We found the larger organic community in central NY, Vermont, and Lancaster County, PA to be very open and more than willing to share knowledge and experiences.  To this day those acquaintances and friends both locally and away are consulted with.  One of the unexpected gifts of the organic transition was a whole new set of friends with similar goals and outlook as us.


Steve and his wife Cathy (Abers) currently live in the farmhouse with their children. Jeannine, Anessa, Ross, Jacob and Colleen Kimball are the 6th generation of Kimballs to live on the farm. In 1982 Kimvale farm was designated as a Century Farm by Governor Hugh Carey.



In the summer of 2013 Steve decided to retire from farming. The organic dairy herd was sold in July 2013. In September 2013 the equipment, machinery and some outlying parcels of land were sold at auction. What remains, and is being offered up for sale is the Home Farm, including houses, barns, and land.



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