Organic Dairy Farm For Sale



3456 Drybrook Road, Falconer, New York

Certified Organic Dairy Farm - NOFA - New York

Freestall Cow Barns

Main Cow Barn

  • Freestall Cow Barn Freestall Cow Barn Cow barn includes 250 freestalls, attached bedding pack for springers, 300' Pennslyvania Drive Thru feedbunk, natural ventilation as well as 8 big fans.
  • Freestalls and Feed Area Freestalls and Feed Area Cow barn has 3 rows of free stalls and a feed area on both sides of the barn with a feed alley in the center.
  • Water Stations Water Stations Cow barn contains 4 stainless steel Clean Dump water stations
  • Freestalls Freestalls
  • Feed Alley Feed Alley 300' Pennslyvania Drive-thru feed alley with tile mangers




Heifer Barn

  • Manure Sheds and Heifer Barn Manure Sheds and Heifer Barn
  • Heifer Facility Heifer Facility Heifer barn has 100 freestalls, 75' feed bunk for small heifers, 125' feed bunk for large heifers and 100' feed bunk for bedded pack pens.
  • Covered Lane Covered Lane Feeding area for small heifers
  • Feeding Area Feeding Area Feeding area for large heifers
  • Freestalls Freestalls
  • Waterers Waterers
  • Pen Area Pen Area
  • Upright Silo Upright Silo 24' x 72' poured concrete upright silo




For additional information or to arrange a visit to view the property

Email or call 716-267-9272 or 716-397-8561