Organic Dairy Farm For Sale



3456 Drybrook Road, Falconer, New York

Certified Organic Dairy Farm - NOFA - New York

Houses and Farm Buildings



Kimvale Farm Farm houseThe Main Farm House

The house sits near the barns. It has 4 bedrooms, 1 large, 2 small, 1 medium, 2 bathrooms, large new kitchen, dining room, living room with working fire place, an office area on the 1st floor, full basement, attic, storage room, mud room back entry, and an attached garage.


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The Smaller Farm House

The smaller of the 2 houses sits nearby. It has 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room with fireplace, dining area, basement and garage.


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Old Original Barn: Original barn built in the late 1800s with numerous improvements and additions over the years. (see Kimvale History). Hip roof construction, bottom floor has calf pens, calf free stalls, and maternity pens. Upper level has a drive in hay mow with space for 40,000 small square bales, also grain bins.


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>>Milk House & Milking Parlor: Parlor equipment and Milk tanks were sold at auction and are no longer available.



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Main Freestall Cow Barn: 250 freestalls, attached bedding pack for springers, 300' Pennsylvania Drive Thru feed bunk, natural ventilation as well as 8 big fans.


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Heifer Cow Barn: 100 freestalls, 126' feed bunk, 75' feed bunk, 8 calf or maternity pens

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Calf Barn: Amish built in 2011. Contains 12-baby calf pens 4'x 8', 1-8'x 12' box stall, 6-12'x 24' pens with head locks, 1- 12'x 8' milk preparation room,with running water, hayloft which can hold 4,000 small square bales.


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Machinery Building/Shop: Amish built in 2011. Overall size 40'x 80' with 40'x 40' insulated shop. Also includes gas heater, wood stove, bathroom, tool room, storage bins, storage deck, 65' bench space.


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Other Structures

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Gas Pumps & Container Building


Mobile Home

There is also a mobile home situated on the property north of the calf barn.


Commodity Shed


Bunk Silo


Manure System Housing

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